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The MYFL Advantage: Uniting Talent with Tradition

The Premier Youth Football Experience

The Millard West Jr. Wildcats are proud to be an integral part of the Metro Youth Football League (MYFL) – the leading league that’s at the heart of youth football in the Omaha Metro area. With a league representing over 20 local high school feeder programs, the MYFL is the beacon of youth football, offering unmatched benefits for young athletes looking to make their mark in the sport.

The Power of Community
League Like No Other

The MYFL's extensive network of feeder teams is not just a number; it's a powerful community that brings together the most dedicated young football players from around the eastern Nebraska area. Our athletes have the privilege of being part of the largest and most diverse youth football league in Nebraska and Iowa, which means more teams, more competition, and more opportunities to test their skills and improve.

Home Field Advantage
Local Games, Lasting Memories

With a focus on local play, the MYFL minimizes travel, allowing players and families to enjoy more games with less time on the road. This local-centric approach fosters stronger community ties and allows our athletes to make lasting memories with teammates, friends, and family on and off the field.

Continuity and Progression
From Junior to Varsity

The MYFL is a true feeder system, uniquely designed to prepare players for high school football's competitive environment. This continuity not only builds familiarity and confidence but also fosters a smooth transition, giving our athletes a competitive edge as they advance.

A League of Leaders
Cultivating Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Within the MYFL, our young athletes learn the values of leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship. These principles are the pillars of the league and are instilled in every game and practice, ensuring that the players develop not only as athletes but also as exemplary members of the community.

The Jr. Wildcats Commitment
Growing with the Game

Our alliance with the MYFL aligns with our vision of providing a premier sports experience that nurtures talent and builds leaders for tomorrow. By choosing the Jr. Wildcats, your child becomes part of a league where the spirit of competition, the joy of play, and the pursuit of excellence come together to create the ultimate youth football environment.

MYFL Teams: United in Youth Football Excellence

As proud members of the Metro Youth Football League (MYFL), the Millard West Jr. Wildcats are thrilled to be part of a league that's as diverse as it is dynamic. Across the Omaha Metro area, the MYFL brings together teams united by a love for football, a commitment to sportsmanship, and a drive to excel. Each team, including ours, plays a pivotal role in enriching the youth football community, making the MYFL the go-to league for budding athletes. Here are the fellow teams that, alongside the Jr. Wildcats, make the MYFL the heart of youth football in Omaha:

  • Bellevue East Jr. Chieftains (BJSA)

  • Millard North Mustangs

  • Bellevue West Jr. Thunderbirds (BJSA)

  • Millard West Jr. Wildcats

  • Bennington Youth Football

  • Omaha Burke Bulldogs

  • Blair Jr. Bears

  • Omaha Central Jr. Eagles

  • Elkhorn High Jr. Antlers (EAA)

  • Omaha Benson Fighting Bunnies

  • Elkhorn South Jr. Storm (EAA)

  • Omaha North Jr. Vikes

  • Elkhorn North Jr. Wolves (EAA)

  • South Omaha Athletics

  • Gretna Jr. Dragons (GYSF)

  • Papillion LaVista Youth Athletic Association (PLYAA) Kings

  • Lewis Central Jr. Titans

  • Papillion LaVista South Jr. Titans

  • Westview Jr. Wolverines

  • Westside Jr. Warriors

  • Lincoln Spartans - Affiliate Member

Join us at the Jr. Wildcats and become part of this esteemed league, where excellence in youth football is not just pursued; it's achieved.

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