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Welcome to Millard West Jr. Wildcats Football
Where Young Stars Shine!

Registration Now Open!

We are excited to announce that registration for the Millard West Jr. Wildcats Football Program is officially open! Secure your child's spot by signing up today. The registration link will remain active until March 31st.
Late Registration: Please note that starting April 1st, if spots are still available, late registration will be accepted with an additional late registration fee. This is to encourage timely sign-ups and ensure we can plan for a fantastic season ahead.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of our youth football community. 

We look forward to an amazing season with our Jr. Wildcats!

Shaping Tomorrow's Champions Today

Our mission within the Millard West Jr. Wildcats Football program is to provide a nurturing and dynamic environment where young athletes can flourish both on and off the field. We are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of football, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, and preparing our players for a successful transition to high school football. Our commitment extends beyond the game; we strive to empower our athletes with confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of community, ensuring they excel in every aspect of their lives.

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Overview of the Program

Empowering Youth On and Off the Field

At the heart of the Millard West Jr. Wildcats lies a program that transcends traditional youth football. It's an immersive journey tailored for 3rd to 8th graders, designed to cultivate a deep-rooted passion for the game while honing individual skill sets. Our commitment is to ensure every player, regardless of their starting point, receives personalized attention and mentorship to reach their fullest potential.

The Dan McLaughlin Influence: Crafting Winners

A Legacy of Leadership and Success

Dan McLaughlin's name is synonymous with football excellence in Omaha. As the visionary first head coach of Millard West High School, he guided the team to a state championship in 2001, establishing a winning culture. His journey, marked by state championships at Broken Bow, Norfolk, and Millard West, along with 15 years as the head coach at Wayne St. College, highlights his knack for building powerhouse teams.

In his role as Director of Coaching Development, Dan infuses the Jr. Wildcats with a championship ethos. Here, young athletes are groomed to excel, benefiting from Dan's legendary strategies and leadership. Under his watch, the Jr. Wildcats stand as a beacon of premier youth football development, offering a direct pipeline to the high school program Dan helped build.

Seamless High School Transition: Bridging Futures

A New Era of Collaboration

The Jr. Wildcats are embarking on an exciting evolution, enhancing our synergy with Millard West High School's coaching staff. This strengthened alliance is revolutionizing our training, aligning closely with high school methodologies to provide our athletes with a competitive edge from an early age.

This collaboration ensures a smoother transition to high school football, equipping Jr. Wildcats with a comprehensive understanding of the game. It's an approach that not only prepares them for immediate success but also lays a solid foundation for their future in football.

Beyond the Game: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Holistic Development for Lifelong Success

The essence of the Jr. Wildcats program extends far beyond football. We're committed to nurturing not just athletes but leaders, instilling values of discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Our holistic approach guarantees that players excel in all life arenas, ready to tackle any challenge with confidence and integrity.

Joining the Jr. Wildcats means more than playing football; it's about becoming part of a legacy of excellence. It's here that your child will grow under the guidance of esteemed coaches, develop lifelong skills, and embark on a path to success, both on the field and beyond.

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